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Valentine’s Day Crochet

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Show your love and appreciation with these handmade crochet valentines gifts. I hope this valentines directory of patterns will help inspire you to spread the love. Whether you are simply crocheting for yourself or for gifts this post is packed full of LOVELY ideas. So grab your hooks and yarn stash and get ready to be inspired.

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So grab your hooks and yarn stash and get ready to be inspired. I hope these patterns set your heart throbbing! If you need some yarn colour inspiration I think this blog will help.

Choosing Yarn Colours
Patchwork Blanket

bobble heart

Bobble Heart Square

This fun little Bobble Heart would make a fabulous Valentine’s Day card. You can get super crafty and make your own craft from scratch or take a sneaky shortcut and just stitch or superglue this bobble onto a shop-bought card to add a personal twist! You can purchase the PDF pattern here.


Crochet Roses
Crochet Roses

Is there anything more romantic than Roses? These pretty Crochet Roses are so versatile and can used for accessories like a brach or embellishment to a blanket, cushion or garment. OR why not gift a bunch of these beautiful keep sake roses.


heart coasters

Crochet Heart Coasters

Whether your romantic tipple of choice is champagne, vodka and coke or a big mug of tea, it will sit perfectly on these cute Heart Coasters. Quick to make and suitable for all skill levels, this fun project is the perfect way to wear your heart on your sleeve. In fact, you could even do that literally and turn them into fun patches for your clothes! You can purchase the PDF pattern here.

ludlow cushion

Ludlow Cushion

Crochet yourself or someone something snuggly to cuddle. This huggable textured crochet cushion makes the perfect snuggle buddy when curled up on the sofa. You can purchase the PDF pattern here.

linked hearts blanket

A filet crochet blanket in pastel shades of pink, blue and purple sits on a wooden background.
Linked Hearts Blanket by Emma Moss

How about something fun and filet? The Linked Hearts blanket makes a beautiful gift and would you believe…it’s super easy to make! Using just chain and treble crochet stitches (with a sprinkling of doubles and slip stitches) this pretty pastel blanket makes the ideal crochet gift for someone special – and yes, that includes yourself. You might also like another design by Emma The Slant Your Heart Blanket.

heart pencil case

Crochet yourself or someone special a cute heart pencil case, you can find this pattern in my new book; You Can Crochet with Bella Coco.

Heart Pencil Case

granny heart

Heart Granny Square

How about something granny-shaped and great? This cute little heart can be made into a greeting card, cushion, blanket…anything you like! The great strength of a granny is how adaptable it is. This Granny Square Heart adds a cute twist to a classic crochet staple. You can purchase the PDF pattern here.

sleep mask

Crochet Sleep Mask

If you were lucky enough to get your paws on Crochet Society Box 7, this sweet Heart Eye Mask makes a perfect pampering present. You can purchase the PDF pattern here.

Valentines Bundle

heart pops

Crochet Heart Pop

Add these adorable Crochet Heart Pops to a bunch of flowers or get creative in the kitchen and use these cute little 3D hearts as decorative straw toppers to spread the love. You can purchase the PDF pattern here.

rainbow heart bag

Rainbow Heart Bag by Heather @hookonepurlone

How adorable is the rainbow heart bag? This gorgeous bag features here by guest designer Heather of @hookonepurlone.

more inspiration: quick and easy makes

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