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Magic Circle // Magic Ring

Updated April 29, 2024

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Magic Circle

The magic circle, also known as the magic ring, is a fundamental technique in crochet that allows the creation of a closed center for a project. It is often used when beginning projects that involve working in the round, such as amigurumi, hats, or mandalas. This technique replaced starting your projects with a ‘chain 4, slip stitch in the first chain creating tighter centre circle for your work.

To create a magic circle, the yarn is wrapped around the fingers to form a loop, and the hook is inserted through the loop to begin crocheting. By pulling the yarn tail, the loop tightens, creating a secure center to work from. The magic circle not only provides a clean and professional look to crochet projects, but it also allows for greater flexibility in adjusting the size of the center hole. Mastering this technique is essential for any crochet enthusiast looking to create a variety of circular projects with ease. Keep reading a step by step guide and video tutorials.


Yarn: I used Stylecraft Special in the video, but this works with whatever yarn your project calls for.

Hook: Recommend size for the project you are working on.


Darning Needle


Written in UK terms.

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Before you get started I highly recommend that you watch the two videos below to help you as you follow the written instructions as it can be a little tricky to begin with but once you’ve got the hang of it you’ll be ablate do it with your eyes closed.

Step 1: Wrap your yarn around 3 fingers and use your thumb to hold the loose end. The yarn should form an X shape on the back of your hand and two straight lines on the front.

Magic Circle: Back
Magic Circle: Front

Step 2: Hold your hand to that the straight lines are facing you. Place your hook under the first thread and pull it through the second thread.

Magic Circle

Step 3: Twist your hook and grab the same piece of yarn, then pull it through the same thread.

Magic Circle

Step 4: Gently pull your fingers out of the circle and that’s the base of the Magic Ring!

Magic Circle

Step 5: Then, follow your pattern instructions and chain to whatever height it asks for.

You can then begin making your stitches. This works the same as when you create a ‘chain 4, slip stitch in the first chain’ beginning. Just pop your stitches in the centre of your work.


YouTube player


YouTube player


Persoanlly, one of my favourite things about crochet is that you’re always learning and there is always a new stitch or technique to add to your toolkit especially when it comes to elevating your crochet skills to the next level. The more you learn the more patterns will be accessible for you. So the question is are you ready to elevate your crochet skills> If so why not try one of these techniques below?

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I always love to see your makes so if you try any of my patterns or follow my stitch tutorials please tag me @bellacococrochet or use the #bellacococrochet

looking for a challenge whilst you enhance your skills?

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