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Magic Circle // Magic Ring

June 17th, 2021

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Magic Circle

If you’re an amigurumi fan, you’ll probably already know all about the Magic Ring, also known as the Magic Circle. This amazing little invention is a fabulous way to begin a project that requires a closed fabric circle. So, it’s not just great for ami, but also top-down hats and shawls.

Replacing the ‘chain 4, slip stitch in the first chain’ beginning, the Magic Ring is a much neater way to start your work. Created using an adjustable loop, you can just cinch the opening hole closed, leaving you with a complete circle of fabric and no holes! Ready to learn this tidy technique?

You can Crochet With Bella Coco


Yarn: I used Stylecraft Special in the video, but this works with whatever yarn your project calls for.

Hook: Recommend size for the project you are working on.


Darning Needle


This Magic Circle pattern uses UK terms.

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While I’m including written instructions for the Magic Circle, I highly recommend that you watch the video as it’s much simpler to show you this technique!

Wrap your yarn around 3 fingers and use your thumb to hold the loose end. The yarn should form an X shape on the front of your hand and two straight lines on the front.

Hold your hand to that the straight lines are facing you. Place your hook under the first thread and pull it through the second thread.

Twist your hook and grab the same piece of yarn, then pull it through the same thread.

Gently pull your fingers out of the circle and that’s the base of the Magic Ring!

Then, follow your pattern instructions and chain to whatever height it asks for.

You can then begin making your stitches. This works the same as when you create a ‘chain 4, slip stitch in the first chain’ beginning. Just pop your stitches in the centre of your work.




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One of my favourite things about crochet is that you’re always learning. There is always a new stitch or technique to add to your toolkit.

My personal favourite type of tutorial are the advanced ones that are really designed to help you elevate your skills. Like the Magic Circle, they replace simpler techniques to create a more polished finish.

If you’d like to really flex your crochet muscles, why not try one of these tutorials?

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