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Knotless Foundation Chain

Updated April 27, 2023
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The knotless foundation chain is a game-changer for crocheters who are tired of struggling with a tight or uneven starting chain. Unlike the traditional starting chain that requires a slip knot and multiple chains to get started, the knotless foundation chain uses a simple loop that can be easily adjusted for tension and stitch height. With this technique, you can create a more flexible and elastic foundation chain that lays flat and allows for smoother, more even stitching. Not only does the knotless foundation chain improve the overall appearance of your crochet project, but it also reduces the risk of your starting chain unraveling or becoming too tight as you work. Once you try the knotless foundation chain, you may never go back to the traditional method again!

Knotless Foundation
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This knotless foundation chain is the perfect partner to blanket projects. Fancy getting cosy? Take a look at my collection of crochet blankets here.

Crochet Blankets


Patchwork Blanket


The only things you’ll really need for this project is your selected yarn and your hook which you are using for your project.

The yarn that I have used in this sample is Style Craft Special DK in Duck Egg and for the video I’ve used Paintbox Simply Chunky in Dusky Lilac.


learn how to start your crochet with the knotless foundation

  1. Create loop

    Make a loop with your tail end facing you.

  2. Insert hook

    Insert the hook into the loop from front to back.

  3. Chain

    Yarn over the hook and drawn through a loop to build you chain. Repeat this for around 5 chains.

  4. Continue

    Gently pull on the tail end to position your first chain. Count your chain and build as desired.


You can find the step-by-step video tutorials for the knotless foundation chain below in right and left handed versions. Don’t forget to share with your friends and subscribe!

I always love to see your makes so if you try any of my patterns or follow my stitch tutorials please tag me @bellacococrochet or use the #bellacococrochet

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