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Slip Stitch Join

Updated April 27, 2023

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There’s something totally beautiful about the simple slip stitch join. Whether you want your joins to blend in with the rest of your work by using the same colour, or you want them to stay out by using a contrasting colour. The slip stitch join offers a flat slimline seam and I just love it.


I have used my Spiral Granny Square pattern to demonstrate this join. You can find the FREE tutorial for that HERE, but of course, you can use this technique to join and crochet shapes that need seaming together.

Slip Stitch Join

Position squares (or shapes with right sides facing up)

With a slip knot on your hook, insert hook from right side to wrong side into the FRONT LOOP ONLY of the last chain of the working edge of Square A as indicated on diagram below.

Insert hook into the BACK LOOP ONLY of the corresponding square from right side to wrong side.

Yarn over and pull through all loops for a slip stitch.

Continue to insert hook into the front loop only of Square A and corresponding back loop only of Square B, yarn over and pull through all loops. Follow the diagram below

This will continue until you reach the first chain of the opposite corner. You will then continue this across another square to connect. This will continue until you have joined all of the squares in that column.

Video Tutorial

Below you will find the video tutorial available in both right and left handed versions. These are great if you are a visual learner, I’ll walk you through step by step including how to work those corner joins!

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