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7 Ways to Use A Crochet Heart

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Spread the love and make these cute little crochet hearts! These hearts are a fab way to show your love and appreciation to friends, family or a loved one. In this blog, I’ll be offering inspiration on how simple hearts can be used in your crochet projects and how quick and easy they are to make. In addition, there is also a video tutorial to show you step by step how to create these cute little hearts.

Stack of crochet hearts
Stack of Crochet Hearts

Planet June

Planet June is a blog full of inspiration by Jill Gilbank and she has kindly allowed me to share her pattern, however I’ve adapted it for UK crochet terms instead. In addition, I have made some suggestions of how these adorable hearts can be made into different gift ideas. However, If you’d prefer the US terms for the crochet heart pattern, please visit June’s beautiful website.

Let’s grab a hook and a selection of yarn and get ready to be creative with all things crochet hearts!

an online advert for a crochet patchwork blanket.
Crochet Patchwork Blanket

materials & tools

  • Yarn: I used Stylecraft Special DK for the heart in the video, however you can really mix it up and get different shapes and textures by using different yarns and the co-ordinating hooks those yarns require. Check out this blog to explore how different yarn types can provide variety and versatility.
  • Hook: Hook to match yarn and your desired gauge, however I used a 3mm.
  • Scissors
  • Darning Needle


  • Written in UK terms, alternatively if you prefer US terms check out Planet June’s blog.
  • The video tutorial can be found after the written pattern.
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terms & abbreviations

  • Chain (ch): Yarn over, then pull through one loop on hook
  • Ch-Sp: Chain space
  • Double Crochet (dc): Insert hook into stitch, yarn over, pull through two loops (2 loops on hook), yarn over and then pull through both loops.
  • Half Treble Crochet (htc): Yarn over and insert your hook into the chain or stitch, yarn over and pull through (you will have three loops on the hook) yarn over and then pull through all three loops on the hook.
  • Treble Crochet (tc)Yarn over, insert hook into stitch, yarn over, then pull through (3 loops on hook), (yarn over, pull through 2 loops) twice.
  • Double Treble Crochet (dtr): Yarn over TWICE and insert your hook into the chain or stitch, yarn over and pull through (you will have four loops on the hook) yarn over and pull through two loops on the hook (you will have three loops on the hook)  yarn over and then pull through two loops on the hook (you will have two loops on the hook)  yarn over and then pull through the remaining two loops on the hook.
  • Sl St: Slip stitch
  • Stitch(es) (st(s))

Alternatively if you’d prefer US terms, please visit Planet June for the original pattern.

Flat lay of crochet hearts with rose gold scissors, keyring and 'all I need is yarn' on a card.
5 ways to use a Crochet Heart


  • Make a magic ring and then ch 2.
  • Rnd 1: (3 dtr, 4 tr, dtr, 4 tr, 3 dtr) into magic ring.
  • Pull the magic ring mostly closed, leaving a small space in the middle, ch 2, sl st into the remaining hole in the magic ring, and then pull the magic ring tightly closed.
  • Rnd 2: dc in ch-sp, 2 htc in same ch-sp, 3 htc in next ch-sp, 2 htc in next ch-sp, htc in next 3 ch-sps, 2 htc in next ch-sp, htc, tr, htc in next ch-sp, 2 htc in next ch-sp, htc in next 3 ch-sps, 2 htc in next ch-sp, 3 htc in next ch-sp, 2 htc in next ch-sp, dc in next ch-sp and then sl st in first ch-sp.
  • Finally, fasten off.


Crochet Heart Video Tutorial

how to use your crochet hearts

Heart Pops

These super cute heart pops are a fantastic way to either decorate the top of a pen, pop into a bouquet on a stick or perhaps decorate a straw if you are going on a picnic. The possibilities are endless with these super cute puffy hearts.

Check out the blog here.


Perfect for a party, baby shower or just decorating your room, these hearts make super cute bunting when joined together with just a chain stitch.

Heart Paperclips

Decorate your planner or gift a stationery lover in your life some crochet heart paper clips! Just pop the paper clip through a stitch at the bottom to secure it onto the top.

Heart Shaped Happy Mail

Why not spread some love in the mail and send your crochet heart to a loved one. You could leave a long tail so it can be used as a hanging embellishment, bag charm or a zip pull.


Add a little love to your keys by chaining a few times at the top to attach to your existing keychain. A great gift for someone with a new home!

Mini Pillows

These heart pillows are lovely to fill with lavender and pop in your drawer. Alternatively, you could add one to an Amigurumi project, maybe make a bear to hold it, super cute!


A perfect gift for the book worm in your life, make one of the hearts and then do a long chain of maybe around 20 before making another with the same yarn so they are attached. A super cute way to show your love of books and keep hold of the page!

more lovely heart patterns

I always love to see your makes so if you try any of my patterns or follow my stitch tutorials please tag me @bellacococrochet or use the #bellacococrochet

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