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5 Baby Crochet Patterns

May 26th, 2020

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Let’s get it out of the way, the baby crochet projects are made FOR babies, not by them. While that would be AMAZING, I wouldn’t recommend handing your baby a crochet hook just yet! Wait until they’re older…😉

Baby patterns are also popular projects, whether they’re for new mums, your own baby or just to keep ‘in-waiting’, they’re cute, small and quick to hook up! What’s not to love? I’m going to share five of my absolute favourite baby crochet patterns, as well as sharing some of my baby blanket patterns that are perfect for new arrivals.

Want more inspiration? Try my Pinterest board:

Let’s start with the basics – booties. These sweet little crochet booties don’t just look good – they feel good too. The soft yarn won’t irritate sensitive skin and there’s no awkward laces or poppers to dig in. Just tiny, cute little booties made from squishy yarn that can be customised to any size just by using a different crochet hook size. Even better? They hook up SO QUICKLY, one pair just won’t be enough!

A baby beanie is also a classic. Whipped up in super soft yarn this sweet little crochet hat will keep baby’s head toasty warm and cosy. Also, look how cute and tiny they are! Is it just me or are tiny clothes just the cutest? Hehe.

Sticking with clothes – look at how sweet these crochet diaper covers by Sweet Everly B are! Nappies/diapers are an essential – but let’s be honest…they’re not often pretty to look at. Solve that problem with these lovely high-waisted covers that not only look cute, but keep baby snug too. Just look at those little pompoms!

Imagine how sweet a matching set of booties, beanie and diaper cover would be. It would make the perfect gift set for a mum-to-be. Just make sure you use machine-washable yarn that suitable for babies. The last thing a busy mum needs is to be handwashing expensive cashmere!

Let’s talk toys! There really isn’t anything more lovely than a handmade toy. It’s perfectly personal and it’s such a joy to watch a little one playing with something you’ve made.

Be sure to make anything designed for a baby COMPLETELY safe. This means no small buttons or holes that tiny toes or fingers can get stuck in. Be SAFE!

Alanna from Theodore & Rose is an absolute whizz at creating crochet patterns for babies. Bella Coco is lucky enough to host two of her wonderful patterns, including this sweet little lovey blanket which is the perfect size for little fingers to hold close.

You can also pair this with her recent Sleepy Baby Bear and Bunny Stick Rattle pattern to make a matching pair!

A mobile is also a fabulous make. Fun to craft, this baby essential can be customised with any animal or amigurumi pattern you can find! If you prefer your mobile patterns more laid out for you, try Repeat Crafter Me’s lovely lamb mobile.

A baby blanket is always a good idea. There’s something so soothing about blanket making and baby blankets are small enough to be quick and satisfying makes.

There are plenty on my blog to take a look at, but here are a few of my favourites:

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