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Blocked Bead Stitch

Updated April 12, 2023

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The crochet blocked bead stitch is a beautiful and intricate technique that adds texture and dimension to any crochet project. It involves working a combination of double crochets and half treble crochets in a specific pattern that creates a blocked, woven effect. This stitch is perfect for creating blankets, scarves, and other cozy accessories that require a bit of extra warmth and visual interest. With a little bit of practice, anyone can master this stunning stitch and add a touch of elegance to their crochet repertoire.

Blocked Bead Stitch Front: Yarn used in picture Paintbox Cotton DK in Blush

Suitable for advanced beginners and above. If you are familiar with a treble crochet (US double crochet) we will be taking this technique one step further to create this beautiful bead stitch. CLICK HERE to enter the stitch library for more inspiration.


  • Blankets
  • Shawls
  • Scarfs and cowls
  • Hats and gloves
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pattern NOTES

  • Written in UK terms
  • This pattern gives you the basic principles for the blocked bead stitch, designed to help you create your own projects.
  • Beginning ch does count as a st.
  • Video tutorial can be found at the base of the post.
Patchwork Blanket


Chain (ch): Yarn over, pull through one loop on hook

Double Crochet (dc): Insert hook into stitch, yarn over, pull through two loops (2 loops on hook), yarn over, pull through both loops.

Stitch(es) (st(s))

Miss: skip 

Treble Crochet (tr): Yarn over, insert hook into stitch or space, yarn over, draw up a loop (3 loops on hook), (yarn over, draw through 2 loops) twice.

Extended double crochet (edc): insert hook into stitch or space, yarn over, draw up a loop, yarn over, draw through one loop only, yarn over, draw through both loops on hook. 

Bead Stitch: working around post of tr just made, [yarn over, insert hook under post, yarn over, draw up a loop] three times, yarn over, draw through all 7 loops on hook.

How to Crochet: a handy reference guide

Unsure of the differences between UK and US terms? Need a refresher on how to do your stitches? In my ‘How to crochet: A handy reference guide’ EBook I help you with all of these terms and you can always have them to hand! You will also get exclusive access to free video instructions. You can find my EBook HERE.

front of stitch
Blocked Bead Stitch Front: Yarn used in picture Paintbox Cotton DK in Blush


Foundation chain: Chain a multiple of 3 + 2 to desired length.

Row 1: Dc in third ch from hook, dc in next ch, edc in next ch, *dc in next 2 chs, edc in next ch; repeat from * across.

Row 2: Ch 2 (counts as a st), turn, *tr in next dc, bead st around post of tr just made, miss next dc, edc in next edc; repeat from * across working last edc into turning ch.

Row 3: Ch 2, turn, *dc into top of bead st, dc in next st, edc next st; repeat from * across working last edc into turning ch.

Repeat Rows 2 and 3 until your desired size

back of stitch
Blocked Bead Stitch Back: Yarn used in picture Paintbox Cotton DK in Blush

If you’re looking for a project to work on throughout the year and learn new stitches along the way the Patchwork Blanket might be the answer to your crochet cravings!

You will enhance your crochet skills as you work through this pattern Ebook and have a beautiful blanket to show off your efforts at the end of it. Click below to find out more.


I always love to see your makes so if you try any of my patterns or follow my stitch tutorials please tag me @bellacococrochet or use the #bellacococrochet

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  • cshank39
    January 13, 2019 at 6:21 pm

    I truly admire your work. I think I purchased a couple patterns from you…now, I need some give away yarn…..hope I win. I love your paintbox yarn…I am still in the beginner block.. I have trouble turning my yarn. I can add or take away a stitch..I wish you would do a video on turning. I just get lost. I finished an afghan recently. Made me sick to look at my own work. So, I took 5 skeins out….my yarn is rolled up…..just waiting on me.. maybe, one day I will start again.

  • Rita Goodall
    January 13, 2019 at 9:16 pm

    I have learnt to crochet by watching and enjoying your YouTube videos – they are clear and easy to follow. Thank you.


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