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How to achieve Straight Crochet Edges

Updated June 8, 2023
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Struggling with straight crochet edges and want to neaten up your projects? Maybe you’re losing count and finding your projects are a little wonky? I have the perfect technique tutorial for you, to show you how to neaten up your work for that professional finish to your projects.

First of all, grab some stitch markers, You’ll need quite a few for this but if you don’t have too many, you can always use just a few and keep moving them up as you work through the rows.

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how many stitches?

Start by taking a look at how many stitches are in your Foundation chain. In this particular swatch, I have 20, and then a turning chain. Remember this number as you complete your project. Counting is really important to keep your edges neat.

20 stitches in a foundation chain of treble crochet
How many stitches are in your foundation chain?

turning chains

If you are following a pattern, it will say if the turning chains are counted as a stitch. It is important to know if they are counted as a stitch or not and keep this consistent throughout the project.

Pop a stitch marker into the last stitch to mark the end of the row. If you count backwards now from this stitch, you should have 20 stitches, for example. If you struggle to count stitches, check out this video, all about the anatomy of a crochet stitch…

A beginner guide to the different parts of a crochet stitch
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When you get to the end of your row, turn your work. You’ll need a turning chain, I am working trebles in this particular swatch so I will do 3 chains to turn.

Turning chain for treble crochet
Turning Chain

Next you will need to decide if the turning chain is counted as a stitch or not counted as a stitch. It should say in the pattern if you are working to one. There are two different ways depending on whether it is or isn’t counted as a stitch.

not counted as a stitch

If you have decided not to count your turning chain as a stitch then work your next stitch into the base of the chain. Pop a stitch marker in to show the first stitch on the row and then continue into all of the other stitches.

Turning chain when not counted as a stitch
Turning chain when not counted as a stitch

counted as a stitch

If you have decided you’d like the turning chain to count as a stitch, skip a stitch and then go into the next stitch. Then, put your stitch marker into the top chain of your turning chain. Complete all of your stitches and count carefully.

Turning chain when it is counted as a stitch
Turning chain when it is counted as a stitch

When you get to the end of the row, put your final stitch into the stitch that is marked with the stitch marker. If you have enough stitch markers to do so, leave them in the ends of each row as this is a really helpful and quick way to count how many rows you have completed. If you don’t have enough, you can simply move them up after each row.

Treble crochet with stitch markers left in the end of each row.
Stitch markers left in the end of each row.

Once again, complete your turning chain and then put your stitch and stitch marker where you need to, depending on whether the turning stitch counts as a stitch or not.

Complete another row of stitches, counting carefully so you have the same amount of stitches in each row, and then put your final stitch where the stitch marker is.

Here’s what your work should look like if you have counted carefully and used stitch markers as a guide to ensure you have straight crochet edges:

Treble crochet with stitch markers left in the end of each row
Treble crochet with stitch markers left in the end of each row.

things to remember to achieve straight crochet edges

  • How many stitches?
  • Is your turning chain going to count as a stitch?
  • Where does the first stitch go?
  • Mark with a stitch marker
  • Don’t forget to count your stitches!

Sometimes, you may find there’s straight crochet edges but you still have gaps on the ends. This video should be able to help with that:

I hope you have found this technique blog helpful and your project will have straight crochet edges from now on! Why not join our community Facebook group? Click here to join. Brand new to crochet? This blog might help.

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