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5 FREE Crochet Plant Patterns

Updated May 18, 2023
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Hey house plant killers, this one is for you! Or, if you can keep a real plant alive, but love crochet…you’re welcome too. Just a quick scroll of Instagram will show you that house plants are IN. Being a plant parent is joining the realms of cat/dog/other animal parent, and if there’s one thing any parent loves to do…it’s share photos of their babies! But, what happens when you’re a wannabe plant parent, but every single plant you own just keeps dying? Crochet one, of course! This round-up of crochet plants isn’t just ideal for brightening up your boudoir or adding a bit of kitsch to your kitchen – they make fab gifts! Who wouldn’t want the gift of a plant that looks beautiful, but never needs watering?

I’m starting this round-up with something a little fun…and let’s face it…what could be more fun that a cute crochet cactus with a face?


Kawaii Succulent

A trio of crochet cacti sit in a colourful crochet bowl. They are designed to look like a family, a father, a mother and a baby.
Kawaii Cactus by 3amGrace

Just look at those bright and beautiful colours! Not only is this sweet succulent fun to look it – it’s a blast to make too! The Kawaii Succulent is the ideal make for Autumn, so why not get it on your hook today?

Desktop Succulent

Sticking with succulents – because there’s no denying they’re the plant du jour of Instagram plant parents…just look at this fun little Desktop Succulent from Rebecca of Yarn + Chai.

A green succulent made of yarn sits in a grey plant pot.
Desktop Succulent by Yarn + Chai

Isn’t it gorgeous? I love how textured the leaves look and that green yarn is just perfect. Another good thing about crochet plants…totally pet-friendly! So, even if your cat or dog is the adventurous type…your precious plants will be safe and completely non-toxic.

String of Pearls

And…if you LOVE weird and wonderful succulents then you’re going to ADORE this crochet String of Pearls from Ollie + Holly.

A crochet string of pearls plant sits on a white shelf beside a drawing of a house and a pale mint camera.
String of Pearls from Ollie + Holly

Look how cute those little crochet tendrils are! And not only that, this little cutie comes with crocheted soil too, AND Abby has a whole range of botanical beauties to make alongside this crochet plant. You could hook up a whole indoor garden!

Crochet Flower Pot

Fancying something more floral? How about this cute little Crochet Flower Pot from Sewrella? Honestly, is there anything more pretty than florals in fibre? Just look at those beautiful little blooms.

A crocheted pot of purple and white flowers sits on a white surface.
Crochet Flower Pot from Sewrella

This pot would make the perfect gift – it lives longer than cut flowers and needs ZERO water or sunlight. Not only that, it can be customise to use your favourite colours. Fancy rainbow flowers? You can do it! Or maybe a quirky bouquet of black flowers? Think how pretty variegated yarn or speckled yarn would be when used to craft up this crochet plant.

Crochet Roses

I’m finishing this round up off with an absolutely beautiful pattern – this one comes from the Wayback Machine as the original website doesn’t exist anymore, but it’s so beautiful I couldn’t not feature it. Created by Common Thread, this beautiful bouquet of crochet roses is perfect for adding a little elegance…with flowers that will never droop!

Several crocheted roses are taped to a warm orange background with washi tape.
Crochet Flower Bouquet by Common Thread

Which plant will you be making first? Be-leaf me when I tell you…one won’t be enough. You’ll have a whole crocheted garden in no time!


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