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Wattle Stitch

Updated May 20, 2024

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The wattle stitch is a dense, modern looking stitch that’s perfect for adding a fun and freeform-style texture to your crochet project. Once you have performed a few stitch repeats, there’s no need to refer to a pattern, making it a perfect stitch to do while watching your favourite TV show. I don’t know about you, but low-key crochet stitches are my favourite. Getting into a good rhythm while hooking is perfect for some mindful crochet.

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Pattern use ideas

  • Blankets
  • Modern Baby Blanket
  • Cushions
  • Shawls
  • Scarfs and cowls


Mindfulness and crochet are a match made in heaven! It’s great for calming a slightly (or hugely) frazzled soul. I find, the best stitches for self care have a few things in common, a soothing rhythm, using basic stitches to build up a pattern but are engaging enough that my brain doesn’t wander off. It’s a balancing act. If you’d like to catch up with my mindful series, why not start here: Crochet for Mindfulness and Mindful Crochet Stitches.

A swatch of Royal Ridge stitch in a dusty pink yarn is show beside a rose gold crochet hook.

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Yarn: Any! I used Yarn & Colours Fabulous in the video, but this works with whatever yarn your project calls for.

Hook: Any! Same as the yarn, you can use whatever hook you need for your project. I used a 6.5mm for the video.


Written in UK terms

This pattern gives you the basic principles for the wattle stitch, designed to help you create your own projects.

Video tutorial can be found at the base of the post.


Chain (ch): Yarn over, pull through one loop on hook

Double Crochet (dc): Insert hook into stitch, yarn over, pull through two loops (2 loops on hook), yarn over, pull through both loops.

Treble Crochet (tc): Yarn over, insert hook into stitch or space, yarn over, draw up a loop (3 loops on hook), (yarn over, draw through 2 loops) twice.

Half Treble Crochet (htr): Yarn over and insert your hook into the chain or stitch, yarn over and pull through (you will have three loops on the hook) yarn over and pull through all three loops on the hook

Slip Stitch (ss): Insert hook into stitch, yarn over, pull yarn through stitch and loop on hook

Stitch(es) (st(s)

*__* – Repeat indicated instructions

Unsure of the differences between UK and US terms? Need a refresher on how to do your stitches? In my ‘How to crochet: A handy reference guide’ EBook I help you with all of these terms and you can always have them to hand! You will also get exclusive access to free video instructions. You can find my EBook HERE.

A swatch of wattle stitch in progress is shown using bright aqua yarn.

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Foundation chain: Chain in multiples of 3

Row 1: dc in 3rd ch from hook, ch1, tr into same chain. Skip 2ch, *(dc, ch1, tr) in same space. skip 2 ch* repeat until you have 3ch remaining. skip 2ch and htr into the last ch.

Row 2: ch1 and turn, (dc, ch1, tr) into every ch1 space of the previous row. htr into turning chain of previous row

Repeat row 2 until you reach your desired size.


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    • BellaCocoTeam
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  • Chrissy
    June 5, 2022 at 12:22 am

    It’s a nice stitch, but that isn’t waffle stitch. Waffle stitch typically uses fpdc and has ridges. You might want to rename this to something else.

    • BellaCocoTeam
      June 5, 2022 at 1:26 pm

      Hi this video is for the Wattle stitch not Waffle stitch 🙂


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