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Indie Yarn Dyer Directory

Updated April 26, 2022

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I LOOOVE Indie yarn, like, really love them. I love Indie yarn so much, that I keep buying them BUT not using them because they are just too pretty! Ha! Anyone else?

In all seriousness. I am making the effort just lately to actually use my Indie dyed yarns on some lovely projects and not just staring at them on my shelves. Someones hard work is gone into them and they deserve to be used in their whole glory.

I asked on instagram recently who your favourite Indie dyers were and I wanted to round them up into one post. I’ll keep adding to the this post too to build a directory, so if you have anyone who things needs to be on the list, please get in touch.

And for those of you who actively avoid using indie dyed yarns because you look at the skein as think “what on earth do i do with that?” I can confirm that you absolutely are NOT on your own with that! I have a video here showing you how to prepare your skeins.

Sewrella Yarn


Indie Yarn Directory

Please be aware. This is a list built from recommendations from the Bella Coco Crochet Community. I (Sarah-Jayne) haven’t personally experienced yarn purchased from all of these dyers. Any that I have personally experience will be marked with an asterisk * and I would personally recommend.

Truly Yarn*

Nicky Webb

Weku Yarn

Hannah and Lydia

Truly Hooked

Verity Harris

Destination Yarn

Cleveland Ohio



Midknit Cravings

Jaedyn & Tara

Sewrella Yarn*

Ashleigh and team

Yarn for the Soul

Warminster, Wiltshire

Rushdale Wool

Jess & Russ

Cookston Crafts

Claire Bentley

Madeline Tosh

Madeline Tosh

Flyy Dyed


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