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Crochet Linen Stitch Scarf and Ear Warmer Set

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If you’re looking for a stylish, super cosy set to keep you warm and toasty this Winter, how about this cute Cosy Winter Hugs set of a crochet linen stitch scarf and ear warmer by today’s guest designer Heather of Hev’s Home Crochet? Made from one of my favourite stitches, the Linen (aka the Moss) stitch, this pair of Winter warmers are made from beautifully thick yarn so they’re quick to make, warm to wear and totally on trend. The stripe design adds some extra oomph, while keeping things classic and timeless.

Heather herself says, ” I adore a cosy winter accessory, who doesn’t?! I love nothing more
than a chunky yarn and a simple stitch. Honestly a quick and simple make is what I live for and
this design is no expectation. One of Bella Coco’s own tutorials actually inspired me to use the
linen stitch to create this beginner friendly, textured and effective colour changing scarf and ear
warmer set.

As this is a guest post, Bella Coco Crochet is unable to answer any queries. If you have a question, please contact the designer directly and they will be happy to help you.


Yarn: Paintbox Super Chunky in two colours. Colour A – Duck Egg, 400g. Colour B – Champagne White, 200g.

Hook: 10mm

Darning needle




This linen stitch scarf and ear warmer pattern is written in UK terminology

You need a working knowledge of Linen Stitch to make this set. You can follow these written instructions, or watch the Bella Coco video tutorial.

Linen Stitch – dc in the st, ch 1 , skip 1 and rep until the end of the row

For sizing: I measured my head and chained 46 chains. If your head is bigger or small chain
more or less.


Chain Stitch (ch): Insert hook, yarn over, pull though loop on the hook.

Slip Stitch (sl st): Insert hook through stitch, yarn over, pull through chain and loop on the hook.

Double Crochet (dc): Insert hook through stitch, yarn over, pull through chain stitch (2 loops on the hook), yarn over, pull through two loops on the hook

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Starting with colour A: Ch 16

Row 1: dc in the second ch from the hook, ch 1, skip 1, dc in the next st, ch 1 , skip 1 and
rep until the end of the row, ch 1 and turn.

Row 2: Working into the ch spaces, dc in the first space, ch 1, dkip 1 as before and rep until
the end of the row, ch 1 and turn.

Row 3 – 9: Rep row 2. At the end of row 9 tie off colour A and join Colour B

Row 10 – 16: Colour B

Row 17 – 23: Colour A

Row 24 – 28: Colour B

Row 29 – 33: Colour A

Row 34 – 36: Colour B

Row 37 – 39: Colour A

Row 40: Colour B

Row 41 – 116: Colour A

Row 117: Colour B

Row 118 – 120: Colour A

Row 121 – 123: Colour B

Row 124 – 128: Colour A

Row 129 – 133: Colour B

Row 134 – 140: Colour A

Row 141 – 147: Colour B

Row 148 – 156: Colour A, ch 1 to fast off and cut your yarn.


In total cut 16 stands of Colour B yarn at 50 cm each. Using two strands make a tassel on the
corner stitches.

Count 5 sts in from where you placed your last tassel and create another. So this from each
side. You should have 4 tassels on each end of your scarf.

Blue Scarf and Headwarmer

Ear Warmer

Starting with colour A: Ch 46, join with slst into the first ch 2.

Round 1: Skip 1 ch space and dc in the next stitch and continue the linen stitch all the way around. When you reach the end you will have 1 dc space left, dc into that space and ch1.

Place a stitch marker in the first stitch of the next round, this indicates the start of the round and will make the colour change in rows 3 and 5 easier to find.

Round 2: cont working the linen stitch in the round. When you reach the last dc, ch 1 with
colour B.

Round 3 – 4: Rep as above in Colour B

Round 5 – 6: Colour A


From a small town in Bedfordshire I enjoy all things crochet, yarn and tea!

I started crocheting in 2016 when a work colleague mentioned how amazing it was. I’d dabbled in knitting before (the old my granny taught me story) but actually never really heard of crochet. I got myself down to the bargain store that lunch time, bought some yarn and a hook and I’ve never looked back!

In 2019 I had a beautiful daughter and thought my maternity leave would be the perfect time to start a business. Great idea until she actually arrived! Nothing ever goes as planned but I decided after selling a few pre-made products for a year that it wasn’t for me. I didn’t want to give crochet up completely, I really enjoyed the calming feels and all the creativity. After a chat with a few really encouraging friends who I’d actually met on Instagram through craft, I made the jump to pattern designing and here I am today.


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