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Crochet Gifts For Father’s Day

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We all know a handmade gift is the perfect expression of love. So, what better way to show your dad or father figure that you care than with crochet gifts for Father’s Day? Whether you’re a hasty hooker or a slow stitcher, I’ve got some great gift ideas for hooking up a present for your father. So, grab some yarn in your dad’s favourite colour and let’s take a look at this collection of Father’s Day Crochet gifts.

Crochet gifts for Fathers Day, a blanket and nesting baskets with toiletries in.
Crochet Gifts for Fathers Day

before we get started

A quick note before we begin, throughout this blog post I’ll be referring to dads or fathers. But, to me, this covers any person who you choose as your father figure.

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As some of you may know, I lost my Dad when I was 9 years old. He has very much been in my heart for all of these years. My Step Dad (I’m not keen on that term!) Ian has always been so understanding and very respectful of honouring the memory of my Dad. He raised me through my teens and always guides me through life, helping and supporting me in everything that I do. He is such an amazing man. Not many would be able to step into the shoes of another man with the dignity and respect that he has.

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So, when I say dad or father in this post – I want to make it clear that covers anyone who you think of as a father figure. Whether that’s a step dad, close friend or anyone else. What matters is that they matter to you and you want to show them some love on this special day.

crochet gift ideas for fathers day

Bandana Cowl by Veronika Cromwell

crochet bandana cowl

Calling all the father figures who love their handmade wearables. This beautiful Bandana Cowl by guest designer Veronika makes a great unisex gift! This free pattern only uses one ball of yarn – so why splash out on something special like West Yorkshire Spinners Re:Treat this yarn works perfectly for this pattern and is available in a range of shades from bright to muted.

crochet wash cloth

Add a touch of crochet charm with this soft and eco-friendly crochet wash cloth. Crochet wash cloths provide gentle exfoliation for your skin while also being durable enough for everyday use and make the perfect gift for an eco-friendly dad. Why not create a hamper of his favourite toiletries to gift alongside it.

Crochet wash cloth
Crochet nesting baskets with toiletries in

crochet nesting baskets

Crochet nesting baskets are so versatile and make great gifts especially when filled with your recipients favourite treats! These nesting baskets work great gifted together with the wash cloth or face scrubbies.

by the sea crochet blanket

The By The Sea Blanket makes the perfect gift for someone special. This beginner friendly pattern is quick and easy to make however I would allow yourself plenty of time if you’re planning on making this for a gift because you might want to make it bigger than the original pattern but don’t worry this pattern is can easily be customised.

Crochet blanket
Bella Coco Homeware Collection E-Book
crochet plant hangers

succulent plant hangers

These gorgeous succulent plant hangers would make a perfect gift. Inspired by beautiful textures of succulents and flowers; these three designs compliment each other beautifully. 

They are a fun, quick and easy make by guest designer Nicola White. You can find this pattern and lots of others in our Homeware collection.

aztec cushion

What’s a better gift to give than the gift of comfort? This beautiful, textured Aztec Cushion by guest designer Nihal will keep your dad comfy in crochet style. This pattern will require some time to make so not ideal for a last minute gift idea but take a look at the pattern to see for yourself as it’s all down to personal speed.

crochet cushion with aztec design
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crochet bottle covers

crochet bottle covers

These fab crochet bottle covers are a lovely way to gift dad’s favourite tipple and a more sustainable option than buying a gift bag that might be thrown away after.

You could even add a longer handle and gift the wrap itself as a reusable water bottle carrier. 

This pattern is by Lucy from @craftingbylucy.

draught excluder

This draught excluder brings style and function to your home. 

Texture is a key focus in this collection. The draught excluder is no exception with its soft waves. A perfect gift to keep the home cosy!

This is part of the Homeware Collection e-Book which is jam packed full of things for the home.

crochet draught excluder
crochet bobble stitch case

bobble stitch case

Dad always losing his glasses? This bobble stitch case might become his new best friend! It’s also perfect for gadgets, tools, pens, they’re so versatile and easy to make. All you need to do is make a rectangle piece, fold in half and sew up one small edge and the long edges, and you’re done!

I hope this gift guide has given you lots of inspiration to make something for the special people in your life. If you love these, why not check out my small and easy crochet gift guide?

I always love to see your makes so if you try any of my patterns or follow my stitch tutorials please tag me @bellacococrochet or use the #bellacococrochet

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