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Crochet Christmas Stocking

Updated April 14, 2022
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You’ve got your Christmas tree up, the festive chocolates are already half-eaten and Michael Bublé is on repeat. But, what’s missing? A Christmas stocking, of course! Where else is Santa going to leave his presents? Don’t worry, if you’re looking for the perfect seasonal stocking to flex your crochet skills AND hold all of your presents (crochet kits ain’t small!), I’ve got you. This fun festive crochet Christmas stocking is made up of interlocking hexagons, so it’s quick and simple to make. Even better? You’ll be able to cram in some Christmas movies while you hook it up.



Yarn: Stylecraft Special DK

Hook: 5mm


Darning Needle


This pattern is written in UK terms


Chain(s): ch(s): Yarn over, pull through

Double Crochet(s): dc(s):  Insert hook into stitch, yarn over, pull up a loop, you will have two loops on the hook. Yarn over, pull through remaining two loops.

Treble Crochet(s): tr(s):  Yarn over, insert into stitch, yarn over, pull up a loop, you will have three loops on the hook. Yarn over, pull through two loops, yarn over, pull through remaining two loops.

Unsure of the differences between UK and US terms? Need a refresher on how to do your stitches? In my ‘How to crochet: A handy reference guide’ EBook I help you with all of these terms and you can always have them to hand! You will also get exclusive access to free video instructions. You can find my EBook HERE.

A crochet christmas stocking made of white, green and red hexagons is hanging on a festively dressed white fireplace.

This crochet Christmas stocking is a little bit different to most of my tutorials – because it’s made using hexagons there isn’t much of a pattern to follow once you’ve mastered the hexi. However there is a trick in sewing them together to form a stocking. So, I’m going to be sharing info on how to make the hexagons and then how to attach them.

Let’s start with the basics, how do you make a crochet hexagon?

Hexagon Stitch Pattern

To begin: In colour A, chain 4, insert hook into the first chain to make a circle

Round 1: Ch3, tr, ch2, *2tr, ch2* 5 times, connect into the 3rd chain from the bottom.

The chain 2 spaces have made the ‘Corners’

Round 2: Change to colour B, ch3, tr into the top of stitch, tr in space, *ch2, tr in corner, tr into top of next two stitch, tr into same corner* 5 times, ch2, tr into corner, connect into third chain from the bottom.

Round 3: Change to colour C, ch3, tr in next 2stitches, tr in corner, ch2, *tr in corner, tr in next 4 stitches, tr in corner, ch2* 5 times, tr in corner, tr in top on stitch, connect and tie off.

You can watch the video here:

You need to make 16 hexagons to create a stocking, you can assemble them following the following diagram or YouTube video:

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