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Best Fibres for Projects

Updated June 15, 2023
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Hello and welcome to the Yarn Over podcast. A podcast covering all things crochet with some incredibly talented people from around the world, sharing their journeys and their top tips. I’ve learnt so much since recording these and find it so interesting listening to others talk about what they do. I hope you feel the same. It can be a bit ‘little fish, big pond’ in the world of crochet. Sometimes you might find yourself in a sticky situation but we’re all here together. A community of crafters making beautiful creations – no competition required. And just in case you missed season one you can catch up here.

Yarn Over Collection


Episode 9 of the podcast introduces the amazing Ashleigh from Sewrella Yarns and blog. Ashleigh initially started out blogging and designing crochet and knitting patterns. During this time Ashleigh started to dye her own yarn from home, initially this started out as a little fun side hustle eventually grew into something so much bigger. As the yarn business grew, ashleigh knew she could no longer work from home and Sewrella Yarns became to grow into a team of four when she moved into her first studio space in 2020.

Ashleigh from Sewrella

Sewrella Yarn

When Ashleigh first learnt how to crochet and knit she mostly worked with synthetic

Initially Ashleigh just let her creativity flow when it came to dying yarns experimenting with different colours that she longed to work with as she felt the shades currently available just weren’t what she wanted to work with. So by learning how to dye her own yarn she was able to explore different shades creating the sophisticated colour ways she envisioned.

Roughly a year later her stunning collections were born! Ashleigh has a great vlog over on her YouTube channel showing you around her studio so if you want a sneak peak at one of her inspiration boards click here. The first ever collection was Disney inspired which is a personal favourite of mine!

Ashleigh talks us through the different yarns she uses and how the dying process differs for different weight yarns.

Over on you can find crochet hooks, knitting needles and lots of other gorgeous accessories. During the podcast I notice the beautiful hook case matches the wall paper behind Ashleigh and this was completely intentional! As promised I’ve left an image below.

Best Fibres for Projects

When it comes to choosing a yarn for a project it can be an overwhelming process. So I asked Ashleigh for her advice and this is what she shared.

Ashleigh admits having this preconceived idea that wool would be itchy and it wasn’t until she started dying yarn that this idea changed. From learning more about the science and different fibres Ashleigh now stocks almost every weight yarn and works mostly with animal fibres.

I asked Ashleigh what she would use mohair for as I accidentally purchased a mohair skein from one of her collections last year, her advice was a garment or scarf because its so soft. However it’s personal, if don’t like the texture of the mohair on my skin she advised an accessory instead so its worn over another fabric, great tip!

Also think about durability and the purpose of the project. For example blankets need to with stand the test of time so a heavy weight yarn is highly recommended and this goes for any highly used item. Nylon blends are also great for durability.

To take a look at the Sewrella Yarn collections click here.

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Sewrella Yarn is headed for its 5th birthday and ashleigh and the team have big plans to celebrate with you by bringing back best selling yarns not just for the new year but for the entire year! Every month Sewrella Yarns will be releasing a playlist of cooler ways! Are you as excited as me?

You can find Ashleigh on instagram @sewrella and her beautiful yarns @sewrellayarns or to head straight to the website click here.

Sarah-Jayne x

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