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Not The Highstreet

Updated March 16, 2023
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Hello and welcome back to the Yarn Over podcast. A podcast covering all things crochet with some incredibly talented people from around the world, sharing their journeys and their top tips. I’ve learnt so much since recording these and find it so interesting listening to others talk about what they do. I hope you feel the same. It can be a bit ‘little fish, big pond’ in the world of crochet. Sometimes you might find yourself in a sticky situation but we’re all here together. A community of crafters making beautiful creations – no competition required. And just in case you missed season one you can catch up here.

Yarn Over Collection


This week we’re chatting to Nicola, you may recognise her as she is part of team Bella Coco and goes under the name @bunnyandblossomhome on Instagram.

We’ve been chatting about this topic for well over a year now so we were both very excited to sit down and voice some of our concerns around crochet on the high-street and the negative impact this can have. Always our chats always seem to invoice an element of laughter in this instance from a not so well worded sentence from yours truly!

Joking aside this is a topic of conversation we want to keep alive, keep raising awareness to educate those who aren’t aware of these issues and help empower the amazing crochet designers out there who do not charge enough for their work!


Over a year ago I released a pattern called Not The Highstreet Tote Bag which was a replica design of a very cheap high-street crochet bag from a well known high-street brand. You can red all about it in more detail, just click the link below. But the main purpose was to encourage people not to buy high-street crochet items.

During this process we started to question the industry, how much are these workers being paid? what are the working conditions like? And how these cheap high-street makes impact independent designers as it undermines their pricing. The more research we did the more horrifyingly cheap crochet garments and accessories we found.


Thought the podcast we share and discuss our concerns around the labor behind these handmade pieces sold so incredibly cheap! We touch base on the difference between crochet and knitting and the fact there is no such thing as a crochet machine.

Not the Highstreet Tote Bag

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Please help keep this topic of conversation going by sharing this blog post or podcast and joining in on the conversation in the comments section. Your shares and input around the topic would be much appreciated! We’re only just getting started…

Sarah-Jayne x

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