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Amigurumi and Crochet Injuries

Updated June 15, 2023
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Hello and welcome back to the Yarn Over podcast. A podcast covering all things crochet with some incredibly talented people from around the world, sharing their journeys and their top tips. I’ve learnt so much since recording these and find it so interesting listening to others talk about what they do. I hope you feel the same. It can be a bit ‘little fish, big pond’ in the world of crochet. Sometimes you might find yourself in a sticky situation but we’re all here together. A community of crafters making beautiful creations – no competition required. And just in case you missed season one you can catch up here.


This week we’re chatting to Laura from @heyitslaurajane about Amigurumi and Crochet injuries.

Laura is a musician, creative business strategist and ex crochet designer who hosted the Simply Crochet YouTube channel. You might also recognise Laura from her well known popular song ‘it costs that much coz it takes me F**king hours’ that went viral across Instagram and TikTok! She is such an advocate for small business owners so if you haven’t already go and check her out, I guarantee your spirits will be lifted after one reel!

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After the birth of her first child, like many of us Laura turned to crochet as a form of therapy to give herself something to occupy her mind during a difficult time. However Laura was a knitter before she picked up a crochet hook so went slightly stir crazy practising a border for a baby cardigan which took her hours and hours whilst she still got to grips with her crochet hook. However Laura wasn’t put off, like so many crocheters out there it can take several attempts, lots of frogging and cross words before getting to grips with a crochet hook. Practice makes progress after all! It wasn’t until Laura discovered Amigurumi that she became truly hooked and I asked Laura why.


Sharing a love for Japanese culture and Kawaii she couldn’t get enough of the cute craze and describes being obsessed with anything that had a face, especially food! Laura particularly loved that she could create amigurumi in a couple of days and that sense of achievement and equally something super cute for her to display on her shelf.

The first amigurumi project Laura crocheted was a seal wearing a knitted scarf that she designed herself, impressive to say the least! Laura also shares some top tips when it comes to amigurumi including using a hook smaller than the yarn suggests and taking a felt needle to your project and repeatedly jabbing it to enhance the shape, making it firmer! Who knew!


Sadly Laura is now a former crochet designer as she has quite literally hung up her hooks due to a repetitive injury that she couldn’t recover from. Laura speaks about limits, encouraging regular breaks and can’t stress enough to support yourself properly as she reflects on what she would go back and change.

However all is not lost as optimist Laura has channelled her energy into helping others in the creative industry and has something very exciting for you all!

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Laura has recently launched The Creative Buisness Association to find out more head over one any of Lauras social media channels. You can find Laura on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook for inspiring and entertaining content, strategies and much more!

Thank you so much for tuning in and as always, your reviews and ratings really do mean so much so tap those stars and leave a comment if you have a moment. They never go unnoticed and I’m so grateful for your support.

Sarah-Jayne x

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