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Crochet & Geometry

Updated June 15, 2023

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Hello and welcome back to the Yarn Over podcast. A podcast covering all things crochet with some incredibly talented people from around the world, sharing their journeys and their top tips. I’ve learnt so much since recording these and find it so interesting listening to others talk about what they do. I hope you feel the same. It can be a bit ‘little fish, big pond’ in the world of crochet. Sometimes you might find yourself in a sticky situation but we’re all here together. A community of crafters making beautiful creations – no competition required.

Just in case you missed season one you can catch up here.

Yarn Over Collection


In Episode 8 I’m joined with the talented Jess Coppom from Make & Do Crew. I’m thrilled to have Jess on the podcast to chat all things crochet and geometry as I’ve been truly inspired by Jess’ work for years now!

Jess creates stunning, modern crochet patterns and tutorials with the ethos of creating something that you are proud of and can’t wait to wear!

When Jess was in 3rd grade her mum went into her class to teach them how to crochet and it was from this point when Jess was 8 years old she became hooked. Combining Jess’ admiration of her mums creations, her inquisitiveness for geometry and being creative it comes as no surprise to see where Jess is now.

Fun fact: Jess also works with her mum and not only that she’s also called Jacqui!

Jess Coppom: Make & Do Crew


Jess’ earliest memory of inspiration was seeing a crochet garment in a catalogue and thinking about how she could make that herself. From that point Jess started to study garments more closely looking at the shapes in which they were formed. Taking the premise of something and making it better and more functional.

In her mid 20s Jess started to experiment with crochet design and her love for geometry grew into creating modern, stylish, beginner friendly crochet garments!

For example Jess will create a design from using a square or rectangles to create pair of slippers. Something that may look complicated but in fact super simple.

If you are interested in crochet garments click here. In episode 2 of the Yarn over podcast when I was joined by Emily who delves into tech editing and grading.


Jess has a book dedicated to C2C which is perfect for beginners which develops your skills into more complex C2C creations. To take a closer look at the book, click here.

C2C it’s when you crochet from corner to corner made up of squares. Jess loves the flexibility of working with shapes whether that’s in garment form or a 2D design. Jess speaks passionately about taking an object and studying it to transform it into a 2D design that is then crocheted using the C2C method.

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Podcast exclusive: theres a campfire cardigan 2.0 on its way! Make sure you are signed up to Jess’ newsletter to find out more. You can find Jess on the following platforms:




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