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5 Of My Favourite Crochet Stitches

Updated April 14, 2022

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It’s a question I’m asked often, what are my favourite crochet stitches? The truth is, it changes all of the time! I just love the freedom that crochet gives me to explore. But, at the moment, these crochet stitches are pretty high on my list! I’m a BIG fan of texture. There’s something so satisfying about creating a fabric that doesn’t just look amazing, but FEELS incredible too. My stitch library is packed full of stitches to help you create your own crocheted textures. It’s also a fab place to just browse for inspiration. Need a bite-size round-up? I’ve got you!

These are my current five favourite crochet stitches.

The Twin Clusters Stitch is a beautifully modern take on the traditional granny stitch. Using treble crochet to build up texture and shape, this stitch is quick to hook up and makes an attractive and versatile fabric.

The Alpine Stitch isn’t just one of my favourites, it’s one of yours too! The blog post I wrote about this stitch is one of my most popular blogs ever. There’s a reason for that, this timeless stitch creates such a stunning fabric. Not only is it attractive to look at, but it’s nice and cosy and really hard-wearing too so it’s perfect for Winter hats and cowls, thick blankets and cushions.

If you love this stitch, you’re also going to love my Alaskan Delights hat, which uses the Alpine Stitch.

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The Jasmine Stitch is delightfully delicate in looks, but creates a surprisingly sturdy fabric that’s ideal for blankets and cushions as well as accessories like cowls and hats. Just look at those precious petals – aren’t they pretty?

The Cluster Stitch is a perfectly plump stitch that adds a modern twist to your projects. We all love a squishy fabric right? Cluster Stitch doesn’t just look soft, it’s wonderfully squishable too. Baby blankets made in this stitch are perfect for little fingers to squeeze.

Diamond Waffle Stitch

The Diamond Waffle stitch is a constant in my favourite stitches. This intricate fabric looks and feels amazing and adds a beautifully sturdy feel to your projects, from blankets to scarves and cowls. It takes a little time to create this stitch, but your patience will be rewarded with a stunning and firm fabric.

Itchin’ to get stitchin’? Check out my Pinterest board for more!

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