Ostara Crochet Vest

Pin it now, make later!10SharesAbby from @calm.homemade shares her views on mass produced crochet that is cheap but not cheerful in this blog whilst walking us through the time a crochet vest takes from start to finish. Abby has kindly shared her Ostara Crochet Vest for you to crochet along and appreciate the process as now more than ever as crochet on the high-street is becoming more wide spread year on year. Not The Highstreet While we’re all aware that sewing and knitting can be cheaply produced using machine power and synthetic fibres, this just isn’t true for crochet. The stitches are too intricate and cannot be replicated by machine. So, that £6.25 hat on Shein? Crocheted by HAND. I’ve shared my full thoughts on this, and also replicated an under-priced High Street tote bag … Continue reading Ostara Crochet Vest