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International Lefthanders Day: Lefthanded Crochet

Updated April 14, 2022

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A big, warm welcome to all Southpaw crocheters, this one’s for you! Did you know today is International Lefthanders Day? It’s your day to celebrate your leftiness in all of it’s glory. Now, let’s be honest…while being lefthanded is amazing, it can make learning to crochet more difficult. In fact, it can make a lot of things more difficult, fountain pens am I right? Here’s the thing, lefthanded crochet is basically a mirror image of righthanded crochet. So, watching tutorial videos or having a righty teach you in person can often be confusing.

But, did you know I’ve been sharing lefthanded videos on my channel for over a year now? So, whenever you see a fresh new tutorial pop up on my YouTube channel, there will be a left and right handed version. You lefties are a treasured part of the crochet community and I love seeing the beautiful work that you create with a hook and yarn.

Since it will soon be Granny Square Day, I thought it might be nice taking a look at some of the granny squares that have lefthanded tutorials!

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If you’re a lefty and need some tips on getting started with crochet…

  • Lefthanded crochet is a mirror-image of righthanded crochet. A lefthanded crocheter will hold the hook in their left hand and the yarn in the right hand. If you need extra tips on how to hold your hook, try this: Tips for Tension.
  • Leave your starting yarn tail hanging at the start of each project, don’t crochet over it or sew it in. The tail will be on the bottom right hand corner on the ‘right side’ of the work and on the bottom left hand corner on the ‘wrong side’ of your work.
  • Most crochet patterns are written for righthanded crocheters. If you’re following a symbol charts, you should follow the exact same instructions, but you work in the opposite direction to the one stated.
    • When working back and forth in rows, lefthanded crocheters work their stitches from left to right, and right-handed crocheters work from right to left.
    • When working in rounds, lefthanded crocheters work counter clockwise and right-handed crocheters work clockwise.

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I’m so excited to announce that I’ve been shortlisted in the Social Media Superstar category of the British Knitting & Crochet Awards. If you like what I do and want to show some appreciation, please go and vote for me! Every vote counts and I so appreciate every single one.

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A triangular swatch of granny stitch in bright raspberry coloured yarn sits on a white background. Beside the swatch is a sprig of greenery. Above that, a slide of wooden log with a glass reed diffuser filled with reeds.

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A solid granny square made from rich coloured blue yarn sits on a white background.

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A granny stitch square made from aqua-coloured yarn sits on a white background.

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I’m lucky enough to have a really friendly and inspirational community around me. I love seeing the fun new colour schemes and unique twists that people in the Bella Coco Crochet Club or using #bellacococrochet share.

You really do make some incredible works of crochet art! Take a look at some of these amazing crochet projects make by left handed crochet community members!

Want to join the Bella Coco Crochet community?

You could also join in with a Cosy Club chat. This fun, free and informal chitchat is held in the Bella Coco Crochet Club Facebook group every Tuesday at 12pm. For the new few weeks, we’ll be chatting about Crochella and the flower challenge. But you’re welcome to join even if you’re not participating.


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