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Can I Crochet on a Plane? Tips & Advice on Travelling with Crochet

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One question I see a lot in the crochet community is… ‘Can you take a crochet hook on a plane?’ Good question! Whether you want to pass the time on a long flight or enjoy crocheting by the pool, I’ve done some research for you which should hopefully answer all your crochet holiday questions.

There are a few rules you need to follow before flying high with hooks, so take note of the research below before travelling to save any embarrassment and so you don’t get your beloved crochet stash confiscated by security!

Please use this information as a guide, always double check with the airline you are flying with and check the rules of the country you are flying from and to before packing your stash!

before we get started…

In this blog, I will cover any aircraft regulations you need to know before travelling with your crochet projects. Please take this information as a guide and always check with the airline you are travelling with before packing your crochet essentials. This blog was last updated in August 2023, so these are the current TSA (Transportation Security Administration) guidelines at the time of writing.

You’ll learn everything you need to know before you go away including which crochet hooks you’re allowed to take on a plane, how to cut your yarn without bringing scissors and making sure your travel crochet kit complies with all the airline rules.

Also, I’ll guide you through what to pack when wanting to crochet abroad and inspire you with some projects that you can take with you without wanting to take your entire yarn stash with you! I have also linked some fantastic mindful stitches for you to learn so you can relax on holiday and learn a new crochet skill.

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Crochet Patchwork Blanket

can you take a crochet hook on a plane?

In short, yes you can take a crochet hook on a plane, as with most airlines they are considered tools and are allowed in both carry-on and checked baggage. However, there are a few rules to follow when packing your crochet hook stash for your flight:

  • Try and take non metal crochet hooks if you can – they’re more likely to be accepted. To be safe, leave any sentimental hooks at home and pop some spares in your hold luggage in case your hand luggage ones get confiscated.
  • Your hooks are more likely to get accepted if they are part of a set, travel with the whole set in a clear case if you can.
  • The crochet hook has to be less than 6cm in length, and the whole set has to fit into the one clear, plastic bag which you must declare at security check in.
  • Double check with your airline and the security rules in the country you’re going from and to – you might be able to get there with them, but maybe not back home!
  • Buy a clear cosmetic bag for your hooks, scissors and yarn needles as it’ll be easier at the security gate.
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can I crochet on a flight?

If you’re going somewhere far and have a long flight ahead, you may want to travel with your project in your hand luggage and crochet while you’re in the clouds. What better way to relax for a few hours? However there are a few things you need to consider:

Don’t forget to travel with a blunt or plastic yarn needle if you want to sew in your ends. When packing sharp objects in checked bags, it is critical that they be sheathed or securely wrapped so these needles are perfect as they come in a cute little storage pebble.

If you need to cut your yarn, nail clippers (without blades) are a good alternative to scissors because scissors on flights cannot have blades longer than 6cm. Clover also sell a lovely yarn cutter pendant that I imagine would be fine, but always refer to your airline rules before packing. Here’s some links so you can check the rules of the airline you’re travelling with:

Please note the information given in this blog post was correct at the time of writing in August 2023. Don’t forget to check with your airline and airport that you are travelling to and from before packing your crochet equipment.

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tips on taking yarn abroad

When packing yarn in your hold luggage, be mindful that luggage goes missing! I recommend you take inexpensive yarn with you if possible.

Hoping to crochet on the beach or by the pool? Take a ziplock or freezer bag with you to protect your yarn.

yarn inside a plastic sealed bag lay flat on a pink background with water splashed around it to show the yarn being kept dry by the pool when crocheting on holiday.
Keep Your Yarn Dry
two skeins of yarn inside a pair of black trainers lay flay on a pink background to illustrate a packing hack for when you take your yarn on holiday with you.

packing hack!

To save space, squish your yarn into your shoes! Alternatively, if you don’t fancy taking yarn with you, check out the holiday destination, there might be some awesome yarn shops you can sneak off to and then you can stuff your shoes with any yarn you have left when packing to go home!

mindful makes to take away with you…

Now you know you can take a crochet hook on a plane and have all the information you need to know, I bet you’re craving a holiday, I know I am! Here are some blogs full of project ideas to travel with, that don’t require too much yarn and are quick and easy for you to complete in the time you’re away. Why not make multiples and start a stash of crochet gifts ready for teachers, birthday’s and Christmas.

an image of a zip bag with a crochet hook, yarn and scissors inside with a swimming pool in the background.
Crochet on Holiday


Crochet coasters are the perfect handmade accessory for your home or workspace , these colourful this coasters are sure to bring a smile to your face every time you use it. Not only is this pattern quick and easy they make beautiful presents to gift for all occasions.

tea cosy

These tea cosies make a lovely gift or simply the perfect addition to your afternoon tea.  Is there anything more cosy than keeping your tea warm with a crochet Tea Cosy?

Decorative tea cosy with mug, candle, cushions and a vase of flowers.
A daisy bookmark pictured with yarn, a hook and some beads as a flat lay on a marble background.

daisy bookmark

Crochet these gorgeous daisies for embellishments, wearables or why not make a bookmark to use when you are reading by the pool?

hair scrunchie

This crochet Scrunchie is a super quick and easy make, why not use it to keep your hair up in the hot weather or in the pool?

A girl putting her hair up into a ponytail with a handmade crochet scrunchie made from grey velvet yarn.
Crochet plant hanger made from cream and pink yarn with a plant inside, hanging against a white wood background.

plant hanger

I love this crochet plant hanger pattern by Gemma from @littlegemscraftshop. This pattern is really quick and easy to make, yet it can have a huge impact in any room, maybe even your hotel room while you’re away!

key chain

If you’re looking for a super fast and easy crochet project, why not give this crochet keychain a go? You’ll get addicted to making these cute key chains! This is a video tutorial pattern but if you’d like the PDF to print out and take on holiday, check out the video description for the link.

Keychain on a denim bag made from orange crochet on silver hardware.
Crochet face scrubbies for a self care hamper photographed in a bathroom setting.

face scrubbies

These face scrubbies are such fun to make and don’t take much time at all. They make great projects for gifts too!

wash cloth

Want to crochet yourself an eco-friendly washcloth? These easy washcloths are great to be made for yourself or as gifts.

A purple crochet wash cloth with a candle and plant.

mindful stitches to learn on holiday

If you fancy a project that might take a little longer and get lost in the relaxation of a stitch repeat, why not give these mindful blankets a go?

I always love to see your makes so if you try any of my patterns or follow my stitch tutorials please tag me @bellacococrochet or use the #bellacococrochet

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  • Marie Theriault
    December 31, 2023 at 11:11 am

    Both Jet2 and Emirates have policies explicitly forbidding knitting and crochet needles in carry-ons. I’m sure there are other airlines too, but these are two that I know of. It may not always be enforced, but, as you’ve said, it’s important to always check with the specific airline you’re using.


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