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10 Christmas Crochet Gift Patterns

Updated April 14, 2022
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It might just be me, but as soon as we’re past Halloween and Bonfire Night my thoughts go immediately to Christmas. I’m ho-ho-honestly so excited. I love gifting crochet – there’s nothing more thoughtful than a handmade gift that’s been chosen and created with love. When it comes to Christmas crochet, there are generally two camps to fall into. #1 Christmas-themed items, such as stockings, decorations and toys. #2 Non-festive items that can be used year-round. This list will generally stick to crochet gifts that you can use for the whole year. Because, let’s face it. When you’ve poured love into a Christmas crochet gift, the last thing you want is to see it be packed away again come January. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule – heirloom items that can be used year after year and are just too full of Christmas joy to leave off the list.

This round-up will focus on crochet gift ideas that will put a smile on every face, from the merry Christmas elf to the grumpy Grinch in your life. Grab some eggnog and a mince pie and let’s get started!

If you’re looking for something festive for your home, why not try these patterns:

A trio of crochet snowflakes in oatmeal coloured yarn adorn Christmas parcels wrapped in neutral wrapping paper. They are decorated with green twine and holly berries.

I’m going to start with a classic – a hat and scarf set. These sets make perfect gifts because they’ll keep the lucky recipient toasty all throughout January and February too. And, let’s face it, there’s nothing cosier than the glow of knowing someone made your woolly accessories just for you.

While these patterns weren’t originally released as a set, if you make both using Paintbox Aran and co-ordinate the colours this textured twosome makes a perfect pairing. The Honey Mustard Scarf is one of my most popular patterns and is super quick to hook up, while my Alaskan Delights hat uses one of my favourite stitches, the Alpine Stitch to create a wonderfully warm bobble hat.

A yellow and white scarf made from crochet cobble stitch sits on a white background.
A pale blue and cream hat made from the crochet alpine stitch sits on a slice of log against a white background.

If you’re a colour addict, then you’re going to LOVE this crochet hat and scarf set. The Berry Ribbed Hat & Scarf from Anna Hooker is beautifully bright and will cheer up dreary Winter mornings a treat.

A woman is wrapped up warm in a white sweater and a colourful crochet hat and scarf in shades of purple, pink and blue.

If you’re looking for a quick project, because you’re churning out crochet gifts like an overworked Christmas elf. Or because you need a last minute gift (we’ve all been there!) then the Hexi Cowl by Tahryn is a fun little project that’s quick and simple to make, but packs a big colourful punch and makes the perfect Winter accessory.

A cowl made up of crochet hexagons  in bright shades of white, pink and mustard sits on a white background.

In fact, I think that crochet accessories are the best crochet Christmas gift you can give. There’s something so loving about giving a gift that keeps someone warm. And let’s be honest, there’s nothing quite as toasty as a pair of woolly socks.

These absolute corkers by Hooked on Tilly make the perfect gift for all genders. Super easy to customise and without any frills, bells or whistles these crochet socks are plain, simple and packed full of love.

Photo from Hooked On Tilly

Speaking of unisex gifts, I have the perfect Christmas crochet gift for friends and family with a fun streak. The Oh For Fox Sake Tote Bag by Jessica is perfect for picking up your shopping, and it’s SO much more fun that a plain old bag for life! This pithy, plastic-free tote is sure to raise smiles on Christmas morning.

An oatmeal coloured tote bag with a crochet motif of a fox and the words "oh for sake" are arranged to read, "oh for fox sake".


Remember how I said there was an heirloom gift in this list? Well, you’re about to meet it. While I prefer to steer clear of giving crochet gifts that are too festive, the Country Crochet Christmas Stocking by Stitching Together would make a wonderful gift that can be used year after year and will become packed full of memories. For extra Christmas cheer, why not hook up a stocking and pack it full of small gifts like fun toys or sweets and satsumas?

What’s Christmas without some toys? Make like Santa and become a festive toymaker with these two sweet little patterns.

The Sleepy Baby Bear and Bunny Stick Rattle makes the perfect gift for new babies and younger children. These cute little critters aren’t just toys, but rattles too so they’ll keep babies engaged and happy. Let’s be honest…a quiet baby is a great gift for the parents too!

Four crochet rattle toys lay amongst wooden blocks on a playful fabric design. The rattles are varying shades of pinks and designed to look like sleepy baby rabbits and bears.

Created as a companion pattern to Alanna’s fabulously popular Sleepy Baby Bear and Bunny Lovey pattern, why not make both and bundle them together for a super sweet Christmas crochet gift?

A foursome of crochet lovey blankets lay together, two are designed with bear heads and two with bunny heads. They are made in neutral shades of grey, tan and cream.

If you’re looking for a gift for a slightly older child (or the young at heart!) then Diplodeano by Mike Scriven and Jordon Graham will be your new BFF. This cute little crochet dinosaur is a rawrsome gift for any dino-lover.

A pink coloured crochet dinosaur sits in a woman's hands. He has paler pink spines running along his back.

To round things up, this next pair of presents are centred on self care. January can be a tough time, post-Christmas blues kick in, the weather is cold and dreary and everyone is broke and overstuffed with Christmas goodies. So, self care presents are excellent Christmas crochet gifts that will bring cheer long beyond Christmas day.

First up, why not create a little pamper kit?

If you combine my eco-friendly Make-up Scrubbies and Crochet Washcloth with Louise at Handy Little Me’s Crochet Shower Puff and a nice bar of soap or a bath bomb or two and then pack them into a crochet basket like my Crochet Nesting Basket it makes a fab little Christmas gift.

a woman sits on a wooden floor crocheting make-up scrubbies in shades of pink, cream and pale blue.
A purple coloured crochet washcloth sits on a white background alongside a candle, a natural sponge and a succulent plant.
A crochet showerpuff made from an oatmeal coloured yarn sits beside a pair of soaps.
Photo by Handy Little Me

And finally, what could be more self care than getting wrapped up in a big cosy blanket? I know, I know…when you have lots of Christmas crochet gifts to make, a blanket might seem like an unattainable goal. But, my Switch It Up Blanket is a SUPER fast make that can be made in as little as THREE HOURS. What could be better? You get to give a toasty warm and thoughtful gift and you get BIG brownie points for making someone a blanket.

A lilac and white blanket made from crochet stitches is draped over a white bed.

I hope this list has been helpful to you. I’d LOVE to know what your Christmas crochet gift plans are. Let me know by leaving a comment down below. Will you be making some of the patterns from this list? What gift would YOU like to receive? I love hearing from you so don’t be shy!

Need more Christmas inspo? Try these Pinterest boards:

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